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Every Third weekend at Oakdale Park, the Association sponsors a free Bluegrass and Gospel Music show and Jam.  The jamming starts Friday evening with an open stage at 7:00 PM and continues until it's done.  On Saturday, the jamming starts at about 3:00 and the stage show runs from 6:30 to 9:00.   There are normally Three bands however, we will make room for any group that would like to play, acoustic instruments only. 


Here is a listing of the groups that have played at the 3rd Weekend Show:


No Turning Back    Dueling Hearts    Honey Creek Highway    Acoustic Blend  

2nd Time Around    Bluefield Express    The Coursey Family    Brazos Ramblers                Bluegrass Gospel Traditions    Valorie's Fiddlers    Southridge   June Clark 

The Bost Family Traditions   Carroll Parham & Debby Bridgewater    Cedar Junction  

Paluxy Pickers   Darrell and the Double S Girls    Pacos Valley Bluegrass Gospel   

Tin Top Road   Pearl and the Polka Dots   Texas Sky   Pausitive Band   Bluegrass Fire

Vintage Voices in Harmony   Sowell Family Pickers   Heritage Harmony   The Nursing Home Band   Salt Kreek   Dallas Grass   That Bluegrass Band   The Neverwere Brothers

Red Bluff Crossing   Donna & D Minor   Philip Ferguson and Texas True   Cooke Brothers

Bluegrass Fire   Quality Time   Bosque River Band   The Pierce Family   Pocket Change


If you would like to play, just give us a call.   Jim Chapman 469-231-6616


    One of the ways the Association supports our community is through the Food Bank.  It is startling to see the number of people that depend on the Food Bank and how the Food Bank struggles to provide enough food for the demand.  We have an opportunity to help with donations of food and money at our 3rd Weekend show and at the Bluegrass Feativals.    Also, if you can't make the show, Neal at Glen Rose Music will collect food and cash donations at his store.  You can also mail donations to our P.O. Box. 


The Food Bank announces a list of food items that it would like the most:

   Peanut Butter and Jelly.   (They like the smaller 16 oz size)

   Hamburger and Tuna Helper.

   Mac and Cheese

   Powered Milk.

   Canned Vegtables and Fruit.   (They like the smaller 16 oz size)

   Baby Food


    The Association sponsors scholarships for students through the local school system.  The number and amount of the scholarships are determined at the end of the school year.   Any contribution to the scholarship fund would be helpful in keeping this an ongoing program.  

    The winners of the 2015 Scholarships are: Cheyene Parker and Baylie Kapavik.

    The winners of the 2016 Scholarships are: Devan Elliot and Diego Alberto Ruiz



The City of Glen Rose holds Two Bluegrass Festivals each year.  Association members help the City with the operation of the festivals.  We also sponsor the Wednsday night free Bean Supper that is very popular with the attendees to the festivals.  The Blue Grass Bands that you see on the square on the Friday and Saturday of the festival weekend are Association members there to promote the festival at OakDale Park.


Historic Oakdale RV Park, Bluegrass Capital

Follow Oakdale on Facebook for the many events hosted by the Park. Spring and Fall Bluegrass Festivals. Every 3rd Saturday, we have a jam and show. Depending on the weather, it may be on the outdoor stage or indoors. Jamming starts at 1pm and the show starts at 5pm.  Bring your instrument and join in for the jam. 

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