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Founded February 1, 2012, the Paluxy River Bluegrass Association is a non-profit organization that provides a network of fans, musicians, promoters, venders and other people dedicated to:


1.  Preserving and promoting Bluegrass and Gospel music in Glen Rose and the surrounding area.

     The association sponsors monthly shows and jams at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose


2.  Publicizing the existence of recources for Bluegrass and Gospel music. 


3.  Providing education to residents and area schools regarding Bluegrass, Old Time & Gospel music and their importance to the 

     American music culture.


4.  Providing opportunities for members to perform. 


5.  Provide charitable contributions that promote the health, safty and welfare of residents in the surrounding area.  

Our Officers and Directors


   Melody Hendrix         817-648-0799



See our By-Laws here

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